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High Risk

8 users voted and made 1 comments. Number from Canberra Australia.

Last updated: 01-28-2023

Listing Information

  • International format: +61410799687/ +61410-799-687 / 0061410799687

  • Area Code: 0410

  • City: Canberra

  • State/Province: Australia

  • Region:

  • Phone Type: Mobile

  • Registrant Company:

  • Local Time: UTC+08:00 - UTC+10:00 10:00:39

The owner of this number comes to: Canberra, the number is Mobile number. Share the phone number 0410799687 with your friends and others and let them also express their opinions.

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admin  | 13 day ago | Category: Scam Call

+61-410-799-687 Delete
Text telling me I had unpaid overdue road tolls - scam

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Constantly spam calling, offering items we dont need, asking very suspicious questions.

just called, no message left

Recorded scam (1) We are closing your bank account ..... (2) Your NBN will be shut down......

Answered and said hello and got a barrage of Chinese from a female voice, then she/it hung up. Called back, and it beeps and the first part of the message is cut off but the recording says number is not in use.

Linkt - told me I have an upaid toll from 21 November - I didnt even go anywhere on that day so definitely not me. Have received 2 other texts recently (cant remember the number) for the same thing but different dates. All scams and the messages got deleted